So yesterday I floated some ideas for training for trails – getting the balance, dexterity and strength you need on uneven surfaces.

And then it snowed.  As I was out shoveling the somewhat steep and ridiculous driveway that I have, I was thinking (again).

You can train a lot indoors, build the strength you need and get very specific about areas and muscle groups where you are weak. This is great! As a part of the more than creaky knee generations, I need to be careful and build specific strengths before I go out and run (or climb, back pack… pretty much anything fun).

Backpacking, trailing running, climbing, back country skiing and biking are full body activities that need full body engagement. Once you have a base that allows you to start really training, there are a number of everyday things you can do to get your body strong and agile that don’t involve leaving home.


 Put away that snow blower and get out the shovel.  Not only will you get the workout you want, it will work balance, abs, legs, and arms (added benefits include reducing greenhouse gases!).

Getting into the back-country requires labor, so keep your mind and body in shape by doing some.Rake those leaves, get a push lawn mower, dig the garden by hand… you get the picture. The more you do this, the easier it is to build on a generally strong body.

Geezer power!

Ken has been running (road and trail), biking (road and mountain), climbing (rock), back packing, show shoeing and dancing since 1977.  He teaches modern dance and rock climbing (usually separately) along with getting out whenever humanly possible.

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