Setting goals for your year allows you to have concrete items that you dearly want to do and can train for. Each of these items have milestones that can be applied to training that will keep you psyched and motivated all year long.

Since I also am setting my big goals for the year I will share mine to give you and idea of what I think I can do this year.  My goals are not as extensive as I would like, but I only have two weeks of vacation a year, so I have to be concise.

Remember, we want them to be pushing me a bit, trainable and with a little bit of “yeah, I really want to do that”….

A motivational photo from the Dolomites in Italy.

goal 1.   Run a half marathon.  I have not run any where near that distance since I… um… increased the noise in my second knee. but I think I can do it if I build up to it slowly. I really miss running in the hills so I am looking for a trail running half.

goal 2. Climb 5.10 off widths at Veedauwoo. It has been a while since I got on wide cracks, but I think I can do the work to make it happen.  My goal is to be comfortable on the 5.10 offwidth again so I can start some 5.11s without the major fear factor.

goal 3. One backpacking trip 5-7 days of 15+ mile days. My ideal would be a stretch of the Pacific crest trail.  Or up in Jasper/Banff in Canada.

goal 4. Make two new dance pieces. This is both physical, mental and creative. A merge that has been eluding me.  It is time for me to get on my creative horse again. (I have been choreographing professionally and teaching modern dance for 20 years give or take so this is not completely out of my realm. I have been in a bit of a rut for 4 years though.) This takes the most training of all for me.

Looking at the goals, I think they can be accomplished in the short time I have. The nice thing for me is that all of these goals have a heavy cardio component, so I am covering a lot of ground with one emphasis in my training.

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