Training to climb in the winter is the best way to make sure you send in the Spring and Summer.  A home climbing wall can keep you psyched and strong.

But when temperatures are hovering in the negatives and snow is on all the rock, what are you going to do?  Get creative with your garage or basement.

You can see that I am not finished with one area yet. Sometimes one finds that their garage is not square anymore.  This has been a bit of an issue for the finger crack, but it is now figured out.  Holes are being drilled so it will be re-installed soon-ish.

Even if you only get out and do a few half hour sessions 3-4 times a week, it is going to help keep strength up.  My next step is a offwidth (see my goals for the year for why).

Home Climbing wall - a great way to train
My garage climbing wall that is slowly growing

I have been slowly adding to my little corner of the world and with a lot of trial and error I am getting much better at this.  I now have an overhanging hand crack, a vertical finger crack and a small roof hand crack as well as adding wall space for face climbing.

I am slowly adding to my hold collection, but I started with a lot of jug holds for a few reasons.

reason 1: I have a kid.  He is 5 and I want him psyched about climbing.  I try not to get weird about it, but I will need a ropegun later in life and have elected him. So the vertical wall is very kid friendly and he scampers around on it with me.

reason 2: I don’t have a ton of money for holds.  I figured to start that I would be using the wall mostly for endurance rather than super finger strength.  This also will keep me from popping tendons by working hard crimps on a wooden wall. I have done this before and sometimes it is best as a slightly older climber to err on the safe side. That said, I am looking to add open hand grips and some crimpers.

A couple of notes:

When it is just too cold in the garage, I have a finger board mounted in the house to keep going.

I didn’t texture the cracks.  They get slippery in the winter when it is dry, but in a way that is helping build strength too. When it is humid in the summer, the grip is awesome.

Storage for lumber and tools behind the wall

If you are building one of these, make up for lost floor space by building storage behind the wall.  I am better organized and I have a place to work out.

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