As you work to train for your goals, don’t forget the psychological training to give you the edge you need.

What does that mean and how do you do that?  That is going to need more than one post here on the geezer, so I am going to split it up into several. To start with, I am going to write about a general psych to do what it is you want to do.

Most people fail at reaching their goals not because they can’t do the work needed to achieve them, but because they don’t do the work.  Why doesn’t the work get done? Motivation and belief.

If a goal is genuinely stretching you, keeping the belief that it is possible open is hard.  Life closes in, work stress, family, things that need to be done around the house… you name it… all this makes your goal seem impossible.

So you have to think about in a different way.  Once you get started, it is easier to continue, so fake the belief and psych for what you want.  You can convince your brain to accept nearly anything.  For everyone who has run out of water too soon, been scared out of their shorts on a climb, been forced out of a sleeping bag in the early morning freezing cold, the ability to forget what you don’t want to remember and remember only the good things is what keeps you going out again.

Take a moment to contemplate the goal. Visualize your success. See yourself doing what ever it is: crossing a finish line, climbing that proud line, packing the high sierra trail.  Imagine the joy, the beauty, the feeling of satisfaction.  Hold that in your mind for a few minutes every morning and whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Now stand proud and throw your arms over your head and say “yeah”! Retrain your body and mind to think more positively. (Here is a TED talk by Amy Cuddy that promotes the idea that we can change our idea of who we are by how we hold ourselves)

Develop your own psych to increase your chance of success!  Go kick some ass and get training.

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