So I have been setting my goals for what I want to accomplish this year.

In my previous goals post I was being more practical. I realize that I want to go big. So I am listing the original goals and the revised,new and improved ideas.

goal 1.   Run a half marathon.  While I have not been running regularly since I tore cartilage in my second knee (not by running), I pine away thinking about it. I originally set my goal to run a half marathon.

Revised goal: 3 day, 58 mile trail run.

Why because it is much more motivating! I get mountains and trails for three days.

goal 2. Climb 5.10 off widths at Veedauwoo. It has been a while since I got on wide cracks, but I think I can do the work to make it happen.  My goal is to be comfortable on the 5.10 offwidth again so I can start some 5.11s without the major fear factor.

Revised goal: work on 5.11 off-width.

mostly the same, but I want to work on a few 5.11 offwidths also.

goal 3. One backpacking trip 5-7 days of 15+ mile days. My ideal would be a stretch of the Pacific crest trail.  Or up in Jasper/Banff in Canada.  No change at all.  Sounds good just thinking about it.

goal 4. Make two new dance pieces. This is both physical, mental and creative. A merge that has been eluding me.  It is time for me to get on my creative horse again. (I have been choreographing professionally and teaching modern dance for 20 years give or take so this is not completely out of my realm. I have been in a bit of a rut for 4 years though.) This takes the most training of all for me.

Revised goal: Make 3 dances, revive 2

I have three ideas I really want to see done and I need to get off my ass and start creating again. One new video piece, two new site specific pieces and re-stage 2 pieces so I can get into theaters also.

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