Sometime, someone, somewhere had pointed me to a link to this site, Backcountry Babe.

I appreciated the title and the purpose of the blog.

1. A compilation of inspirations and stories from the field. Life lessons learned, fun experienced, and empowering moments brought about through playing in the mountains.


2. Backcountry Babes is dedicated to creating inspiring retreats for your body, mind and spirit.  As  pioneers of women specific backcountry education, we continually strive to develop high quality workshops that not only provide a valuable educational resource, but empower and inspire us in all aspects of our lives. Babes is committed to educating women in a fun, safe and supportive and environment.

Mostly I liked this post:

Granted, life today is considerably faster paced and for women in particular who are more likely to be juggling home and work life there just doesn’t seem to be the time to get outdoors that there once was. The advances in technology too haven’t helped either with indoor activities more geared up to computing or technology of some sort and us using technology to check small things like the weather, when really we could just step outside!

What hasn’t changed though are the considerable health benefits of the outdoors and these should not be underestimated. Evidence and research has shown that ‘fresh air’ can help us to fight illness or reduce it in the first place as well as help to balance our emotions.

The feeling of being outdoors cannot be substituted by any indoor activity; neither can it be simulated so instead of trying to be domestic and office goddesses women everywhere should take note of the healing benefits of the outdoors both emotionally and physically.

The healing benefits of being outdoors both emotionally and physically – I would have to add mentally to that list, but I am completely in line with that thought.

A bunch of years ago, my wife and I went climbing for a few months.  It had been 8 years since we had any time off (working and being artists).  After a month and a half, we found something out.  We were relaxed and happy. Probably not since I was a small child have I felt that alive, present and … me.

The mountains can show you how large or small your real concerns are, what is important and who you are. Sometimes this is not pleasant, but so what?  Being benighted, lost, cold and uncomfortable are very clarifying I have found.

So check out BackCountry Babe’s Blog.  She seems like good people.

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