When I say simple, I am in the midst of juggling training for both a backcountry trail run, back packing and rock climbing.

On top of that, I am also a professional dancer with a full-time job in a completely different field and a family.

All this makes it hard to juggle the priorities of both training and life. I find that my pleasures in family, art and the backcountry often battle for time in my life.  Each of them take time, focus and a lot of energy which, to be honest, I don’t always have.

My workouts are becoming moments of relative calm where I am doing one thing. When doing yoga, running, climbing (OK that is in the garage right now, but I hope to get back on rock when the weather allows) I have a brief moment to focus on my breath and revel in moving.

I am trying to simplify my workouts to fit into the corners of my day.  At the day job it is hard to get much, if any exercise (I have a friend who used to do push ups in the elevators between floors so there is always a way). I have idealized lists of what I feel I should be doing, but I find that I am not getting to all of it… or even most of it some times.

The best idea would be focusing on one thing. Smart, but even as I segue back into running and trail running, I am still not quite ready to give up my climbing, the family or the dancing. Pity about the job, but that keeps us eating regularly so that has to stay also.  When I used to teach rock climbing, it was easier to stay in shape, but  I now have a desk job.

For the most part, I am concentrating on my cardio as all my pursuits need that, but I am also working abs and arms (mostly simple Pilates and crunches for abs and body weight exercises for upper body both on and off my little training wall. For stretching I am doing some light yoga.

I am trying to find an answer that allows me to squeeze the less time-consuming exercises in at different times of the day.  So far, I have not perfected this.

Any good ideas on this?  I am looking for systems that people are using that help them keep it all going.

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