So the winter that didn’t want to happen waited until Spring to get serious.  Snow, cold, thaw, snow, cold thaw… This is making the few trails I have to work with extremely treacherous.  Deep mud mixed with slush, ice and snow makes for some interesting times.

Being a pessimistic optimist, I figure I may encounter this in the mountains any time of year, so perhaps a bit of mixed trail condition is good for me.  My times have become slower, but I keep on pushing to do more.  I have to admit that the slushy, crappy trails are actually a lot more fun than running on pavement.

As I work toward longer mileage / time I decided to take the advice of an earlier blog A Love Hate Relationship with Running. I am allowing myself the walking/running mix. So far, it seems to be working in that my loud, geezerish knees are letting me keep this up (knock wood).

Still, I am very much looking forward to Spring.

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