Too much light is hard on the ego.

I started running again in February (I think), it was cold and dark when I was out pounding about.  I was alone in my attempts to restart my running. Who was going to see me? Snow storms to freezing winds protected my ego by keeping everyone else inside.

Now Spring is…springing.  Temperatures are varying from 20 to 50 even in the evening when I am out.  Some how I did not prepare for that.

I don’t call this back country geezer for nothing and I find my vanity and panic growing as it stays lighter.  I have become visible.

I am pretty sure this did not used to be such an issue the last time I ran regularly. At least with a few months behind me I am not gasping, choking, wheezing and staggering as much as it felt I was doing in the beginning.

But, that said, I am a beginner again.  I have to face it.  As much as I want to feel like I know what I am doing, I look and feel like a beginner. I will, with luck, eventually overcome my status and become a runner again, but for now be nice to the old wheezing guy weaving down the trails as you run by.

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