So I signed up for this great trail race but my training has been plagued by a few set backs, some muscle tweaks, general tiredness and a bit of illness.

Hey, I’m old. Shit happens.

So, a friend is visiting us from our old haunts in California.  She is a personal trainer.  All of a sudden, I am on a much higher energy training schedule. I am getting my old fat butt handed to me and I must say, besides being sore and all, it is better.

Training is hard. Breaking habits is hard. I tend towards doing things that have direct outputs.  When I lived in California I climbed in the Sierras a lot, so I would train in a gym to insure I was strong enough for the weekends.

Training for something 6 months or now 3 months away is harder.  I am not in the mountains anymore.  I am not on a ton of trails.

Apparently, my motivation comes from either regular and direct positive exposure to what I want to do or someone to kick me into gear.

Having our friend visit is getting my started, but I may have to get someone local to keep me on track.

So for all of you geezers out there fighting yourself to get strong, consider working with someone who can help motivate you and vary your routine a bit more to keep it interesting!

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