Sadly, a series of injuries has taken me out of training this summer. Not to be wierd about it, but this years training has a been a bit like swimming upstream.mississippi river fish

In essence, it took too long to get my basic training together and I ended up by overtraining. Age is only a part of this (though lets be honest it did have something to do with the slower start to my training). Really, a whole series of other things contributed.

So what to do now?  I am not running 54 miles in the mountains in a week or so.  My training weeks went from 30+ to zero with a bad ankle.  When I tried to get back to my schedule after a couple of weeks off, I found it was good for about 15 miles, but more was deadly.

Fortunately, I have found peace with that idea (generally) and am looking forward to at least one intense mountain loop of run/hike as we had already planned to be in Colorado.  I found a nice loop that will allow me to decide at a decent distance out whether to do a shorter or longer loop. Either will be awesome. (expect some photos)

Perhaps all my big goals were needed to get me off the couch again and force me to reconsider my life, needs and what makes me happy. I don’t need to do all the big events to be happy, but I sure do need to be more active and get out more.

I might even get the 6 year old out on a backpacking trip! We shall see.  We shall see.

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