I like to think I have a good working knowledge of how my body works, including a basic understanding of how everything works together.  Turns out, I need a fascia primer.

For instance, while talking of how your fascia can get dehydrated (and drinking water alone is not going to take care of that), the author discusses how movement can help rehydrate your fascia, but…

2. Variation matters.

Movement also gets the hydration out to the tissue as well, but that movement needs to be varied. This means variation not just of the movements themselves, but also variation of tempo. Not only does moving constantly in the same ways and in the same planes put you at further risk for joint erosion (a là osteoarthritis), but you are also dehydrating the fascia in a particular pattern, thus setting you up for that brittle tissue that injuries love so much.

So if you only run, that ain’t good.  Most of the time I stretch and roll my particularly painful way to happiness.  When I am climbing I cover a whole range of movement, so I am not in patterns so much. Perhaps one reason I got injured last June was that I stopped having time to do anything but run and work.

Go read this article The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matter to Athletes.  Worse case scenario, you just read something you know.  Best case you gain new insight into how to continue being an athlete proudly into your Geezerhood.

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