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While the CSX is relatively bulky  it's rounded profile slides easily into the tightest of pockets.
OutdoorGearLab experts once again lead the way in testing nine of the best products available on the market today. If you’re looking to count the number of steps you take daily or just motivate yourself to increase your physical activity, this review is for you. Testing took place mostly during daily activities but also in some extreme outdoor conditions as well. Each contender was rated in the areas of data management, dept of date, portability, accuracy and ease of use. To find the perfect product for your particular needs, read the full review now live on OutdoorGearLab.com.

Why a pedometer?

Because you have a damn desk job. If you really knew how little you move during the day, it would convince you to start working harder to get off the ever widening bottom.
Even if you manage to cover the suggested 10,000 – 19,000 steps per day, that is really just a mile or two. If you want to be in shape, it may take a bit more than 435 trips to the coffee machine.

Who is OurdoorGearlab?

Why should you trust them?  Chris McNamara, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, has been running around in the woods since he was knee high. He climbed El Capitan when he was just a kid (16 if I remember correctly) and has been super active ever since.

Instead of taking free gear from the companies, OGL buys all the gear at retail to make sure their reviews are honest. Then they test all the gear side by side, with the testers being serious outdoors people and guides.

I trust them. Plus you can go to their e-bay store and buy the gear they tested cheap!

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