Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

Who is SUWA?

The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) is made up of people like you — concerned citizens from Utah and throughout the nation who share the common goal of preserving Utah’s remaining desert wild lands, known collectively as America’s redrock wilderness.

Since 1983, SUWA has been the only independent organization working full-time to defend America’s redrock wilderness from oil and gas development, unnecessary road construction, rampant off-road vehicle use, and other threats to Utah’s wilderness-quality lands. We are a qualified non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code.  Click here to view our 2014 annual report.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is the preservation of the outstanding wilderness at the heart of the Colorado Plateau, and the management of these lands in their natural state for the benefit of all Americans.

SUWA promotes local and national recognition of the region’s unique character through research and public education; supports both administrative and legislative initiatives to permanently protect the Colorado Plateau wild places within the National Park and National Wilderness Preservation Systems, or by other protective designations where appropriate; builds support for such initiatives on both the local and national level; and provides leadership within the conservation movement through uncompromising advocacy for wilderness preservation.


Since our early days as a small, locally-based advocacy group, SUWA has remained a lean, issues-focused organization with low overhead costs and a commitment to on-the-ground wilderness protection.  About 80 percent of our funding comes from membership dues and donations and 80 percent of our income is spent on program work.

Recent news from SUWA

Bears Ears Protected

Click here to tell your senators to protect Bears Ears National Monument and thank President Obama for his proclamation.

If you live in Utah, please take a moment right now to tell your Utah representatives that you support Utah’s newest national monument.

Support for America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act

Sen. Richard Durbin and Rep. Alan Lowenthal will soon reintroduce America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act in Congress, setting forth the vision for protecting 9.2 million acres of deserving public lands in Southern Utah—places like White Canyon, Desolation Canyon and the San Rafael Swell.

Utah’s land Grab

In 2012, the Utah Legislature passed a bill (the Transfer of Public Lands Act, or TPLA) demanding that the federal government turn over almost all public land in the state by the end of 2014. Governor Gary Herbert signed the bill, despite the state’s own lawyers warning the Governor that the law will only trigger a costly and ultimately futile legal battle because the premise on which it is based has a “high probability of being declared unconstitutional.”

How to support SUWA.

From who to call for your own activism to where to send money, this is the page to support SUWA and the Southern Utah Wilderness.

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