If you need a little inspiration, or maybe a mental kick in the butt, these trails are calling your name.

The long trails of the US

Long trails give you the time to really leave the world of politics, electronics, and the stresses of stuff.

While the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trails are the most known, there are trails everywhere. Some of the trails are more wilderness oriented than others, but how awesome would it be to walk the majority of these trails (and the trails in Canada).

My own wish list is the Pacific Crest, parts of the North Country trail, and a number of Canadian trails – OK, I have a lot of trails I would like to do. Get your own list together and start working on a plan to get on them.

I would like to say that that long hikes require a knowledge of gear, training and proper diet. Don’t start with a 2,650 mile trail unless you want to write a book and have a movie deal. Quick hint, being clueless is not fun and a lot of dangerous. Start with getting used to backpacking, sorting out what gear you need and prefer and try a few 100 mile or so runs as you work up. If you can do that, you are on your way to doing whatever you want!

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