More in our series of how to find conservation organizations near you to help protect public and wild spaces. This one is for you Colorado (and more to come!):

Conservation CO    “The Future is Worth The Fight”

For those of you in Colorado, Conservation CO is one organization working to preserve clean air,water and public lands.

Our mission is to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water

for future generations.


A few things they are working on:

Land Preservation

With six larger campaigns to protect areas like the Continental Divide Wilderness, Southern Front Range Wildlands, and protecting against public land seizures, this group is committed not just to preserving wild spaces, but making sure the multi use plans of the BLM and National Forests preserve the eco-diversity and access by regular people is maintained.

Some info from their site:

  • A majority of Coloradans opposed public lands seizure – 72% of Colorado residents see public lands as belonging to all Americans, rather than just state residents.
  • Public lands are crucial to Colorado’s economy – outdoor recreation brings in about $13 billion every year to our state.
  • If public lands were under state control, Colorado taxpayers would be stuck with the cost of fighting wildfires and cleaning up abandoned mines. A single wildfire can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Water Quality

Clean water is not just for wilderness areas. Rivers are used for drinking water in communities, by agriculture, and business. Conservation CO has a very pragmatic approach in balancing the needs of all the communities using the resources of the state: “We strive to incorporate the needs of diverse communities as we find solutions to ensure our state has enough water for future generations.

How to get involved and learn more?

Go here. Donate, volunteer, get active. All organizations need active input from you. Conservation CO is just one organization, so it needs you to stand and be counted, call and advocate to help convince legislators that clean water, air, and public lands are the interests of the people of the states.

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