It is time to get out of the house.

Spring is here! Sure, it is raining and cold, but that is no excuse to stay sedentary. Think of this as the perfect training weather – too cold and damp for those sexy neighbors from the next block to see you start training. By the time they get out of the house, you will be in shape!

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop being active. It is never too late to start exploring nature. From hiking and back packing, to trail running and climbing, bird watching, fishing and more, nature is best when seen in it’s pristine form. Seeing bears, coyotes, wolves, deer, elk, pica, marmots,  raptors and gold finches, kangaroo mice and owls brings back the sense of wonder that you lost in the hustle of your job.

Backcountry Geezer is working to put together a resource – from beginning training to gear, to places to get out and get lost. It is still in it’s infancy, so bear with us! We are always trying to make it better!

Why outside when there are perfectly warm and safe gyms everywhere?

Who wants to be warm and safe all the time? Gyms are places to train for what you really do – go run the mountains, bike across the state, climb offwidths, hike the PCT, or wander with your kids in wilderness.

Being in nature offers you a chance to un-plug from the constant stream of noise which is our daily life and reconnect with the person you wanted to be, the person you are deep inside. No one cares what car you drive when you are running. No one cares what job you have when you are backpacking. There it just matters who you are and that you are there. Let yourself relax, teach your kids to enjoy the playground that nature offers, and have a secret identity that all those office dwellers can envy.

Oh, and work to protect open spaces.

If the government hands out open spaces to corporations for short term profits (that you and I will never see), you lose forever. Corporations worry about bottom line – not keeping wildlife healthy and places where you can get so lost you find yourself.

Check out out advocacy pages for more info on how to get involved!

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