If you are in New Hampshire and want a lovely run/hike try the Caps Ridge trail up Jefferson and then a lovely trail to Mt. Washington.


It has a steep start to the summit of Mt. Jefferson that involves a little scramble at the end. Nothing horrible, but just a heads up. This makes a great hike on it’s own.


On the other hand, if you would like to add a bit more fun, and miles, running over to Mt. Washington summit, adds a super pleasant jaunt, a snack bar, museum, and a ton of tourists. Ok, that part is a bit disappointing, but the rest is awesome.

This is part of the Appalachian Trail, so there will be others on your trail, but besides a few scornful looks from through-hikers, most people were very pleasant – especially the Europeans who all seemed so pleased to hike about. All this happens a relatively low altitude for being above tree line! The summit of Washington is just over 6,000′! No worries about acclimating here.


Don’t do this in winter unless you are tough as nails. Mt Washington is known for some crazy winds and weather. I managed to have no rain and perfect weather, but check your reports, as always, before you head out.


1 way (if you have a driver) to Mt. Washington 5.2 miles

Round trip: 10.4 miles

When in New Hampshire, this is an awesome hike / run!


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