As we learn more about climate change, we find some industries and governments are definitely not skeptics.

We know Russia and Exxon Mobil have been working to create and solidify claims on oil in the Arctic, with Rex Tillerson (now Secretary of State) spearheading the push to remove sanctions against Russia so they can start drilling. Currently, drilling in the Arctic is notoriously difficult and can take place only during a few months of the year due to the harsh conditions. But that is all changing

According to the New York Times, even shipping container ships will be able to sail through formerly unusable waters.

As global warming melts sea ice across the Arctic, shipping routes once thought impossible — including directly over the North Pole — may open up by midcentury. But high costs may keep the new routes from being used right away.

The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean has declined sharply each decade since the 1980s, according to measurements taken each September when the ice is at its minimum. Older, thicker ice is disappearing as well. Scientists say global warming is largely responsible for the changes. Parts of the Arctic are warming twice as fast as elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.35.46 AM.png
I am guessing that even the industries that spend a lot of money to deny climate change (especially oil) are very much aware that the warming is opening up opportunities for more profits. Much like the lies of the tobacco industry for years on the health affects of smoking, people who stand to make money are ready to “deny” the science they themselves are using to get rich.
I am not equating the oil companies with the shipping industry in anything but projections for an open navigable arctic. I am suggesting that in industry, as in politics, there are a lot less people who really are denying climate change because of anything but profit motive.

Read the NYTimes article here!


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