May 20th, Colorado is celebrating their public lands, of which they have a lot.

Colorado has tens of millions of acres of public land, and over 130 events to celebrate them. And why celebrate public lands? Beyond the benefits to the people who go there to decompress, be in nature, hike, hunt, climb, bike, backpack, and fish, these public lands bring $722,000,000 in revenue in the state of Colorado. So many benefits.


How It Began

In May 2016, Colorado became the first state in the nation to establish a holiday recognizing the value of public lands within the state. From now on, the third Saturday in May will be known as Colorado Public Lands Day celebrating the significant contributions these lands have to our state. The bill, carried by Senator Kerry Donovan, passed with bipartisan support and was signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper.

Why it is important

Across the country there is a movement to give public lands away to corporations or any others who can afford them. Mostly for short term gain such as drilling for oil and mining. If we turn our public lands into private lands, even if left untouched, this could mean restricted access, higher costs to visit, or no access at all.

Public lands! Celebrate them, go to them and unwind your mind.

May 20th. If you are near Colorado, go check out some of the events.



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