Sigh. Rant number 2.

Those with their heads in the sand are leading the country. Denying science and driving a car, accepting medical care, using your computer, watching space craft orbit Saturn – it makes no sense. Is the science often wrong? Why, yes it is, or at least incomplete. New discoveries are being made all the time. But, and this is a rather big but, thinking an opinion is the same as a tested theory is just ridiculous. Yet, that is what our fearful leaders are doing.

Even Rex Tillerson, the former head of Exxon-Mobil wanted to stay in the Paris Agreement, so you can’t even claim this is a big business stance.

Surfrider Foundation - protecting oceans, coasts and beach access

The future of climate change:

So what do we have to look forward to? Good times according to just about everyone. This from National Geographic:

Up to 13 million people along US coasts could be displaced by the end of this century. Most live in the Southeast, especially Florida.

The number of Americans who could be displaced by rising seas will triple by the end of this century. That’s the stark new conclusion of scientists who studied the impact of climate change on coastal areas.

As many as 13.1 million people in the United States will be in the path of flooding by 2100, three times the current population that resides in low-lying coastal areas, according to the paper published online Monday in Nature Climate Change. The researchers took into account rapid population growth along the coasts in a way never done before.

“Populations are very dynamic by their very nature,” says demographer and lead author Mathew Hauer of the University of Georgia. “You can end up with an obsolete assessment very quickly” in a study that doesn’t fully capture the change already underway, he says.

People displaced

In the whole world, there may be up to 150 million “climate refugees” by 2050. The UN suspects it may be more like 200 million people.

These people will need shelter and food. Not to mention a country that is not too scared to help people in need.


On top of everything else, food may be an issue. In the oceans alone, we are already seeing massive changes .(Seattle PI)

The ocean is getting more corrosive closer to shore decades earlier than anyone expected, in large part because of the carbon dioxide being pumped into the air by human activities, new research shows.

The increasingly acidic water threatens the survival of a wide range of organisms, including certain microscopic plants and animals called plankton found at the base of the food chain; shellfish such as oysters, mussels and clams; juvenile forms of different marine animals; and coral. The acidity can dissolve the shells and skeletons of these creatures.

Carbon dioxide — made infamous for fueling global warming — partially is absorbed by the world’s oceans, but it changes the pH or acidity of the seawater. Scientists collecting water samples from Canada to Mexico last summer found surprisingly acidic conditions near the coasts.

“This is what we might expect the surface water pH to be 100 years from now,” said Richard Feely, an oceanographer with NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle. He’s the lead author of a paper released Thursday in the online version of the journal Science.

About one-third of the carbon dioxide produced when fossil fuels are burned sinks into the ocean. Windy conditions found from early spring to late summer cause an upwelling of deeper, more acidic water to near the surface along the West Coast.

Annnnnnddd, Money:

The reason for exiting the accords is money. $3 trillion dollars is the number being spoken of. The estimates for what not doing anything might cost? 44 trillion dollars in lost crops, infrastructure projects, relocations, projects to save cities and more.

We are being penny wise and pound foolish.

Climate change is real. Science is real. We need to make sure out representatives know this of get them out of office. 2018 is coming and this country needs to roar again.


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