Get out like a geezer!

The outdoors is a place where you get to reduce stress, be alone, think great thoughts and see amazing views and animals. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 who climbs 5.14 or 70 with knees and feet that pop and crack all morning. You know you need to get out.

BackcountryGeezer is a site for all those women and men who have creaky knees, popping joints and an injury list.  It is our contention that that is not enough to keep us from being where we want to be – namely high in the mountains, far out in the deserts and off in the wilderness.

We will be trying to put together training tips for geezers. Emphasis on joint stability, core strength and a smarter approach to training. On top of that, we will be looking at the gear, strategies and locations for everything we want to be doing. So if you backpack, hike, trail run, bike, ski or just want to, let us know what you need to know.

We will also give you opportunities and information about organizations protecting wild spaces for the public good. We think it is important to protect these lands for future generations.

contact us at backcountrygeezer {at}!

(all the photos we are using are our own.  if you use them, please credit them)


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