If you want to go out to the wilderness and get lost, find yourself, see amazing landscapes, become a part of nature you need to help protecting our wilderness and wild spaces. The current urge to privatize our public lands just means we wont have access to them.

Why? I am guessing you are not filthy rich. I could be wrong, for your sake I hope so. But in reality, the people who would buy them are going to log them, mine them, drill them…the kind of things that they don’t want you to hang out and see. It tends to really ruin the views.

This means no ranching unless your are rich, no hiking without permits, no bandit camping and hopping into hot springs  by the eastern Sierras, no hunting without being part of the right club.

The rules to privatize public lands won’t change the fact that they are already leased to timber companies, oil drilling, mining and ranching interests, but it will make a small group of very rich people much richer and a group of politicians much richer.

Not you. Not me. And not our kids.

So I am starting a list of ways and groups that can help us preserve our access to spaces that open our minds and hearts.

Some conservation and environmental organizations near you:

State specific

Alabama Conservation Groups

Colorado: Conservation CO

Iowa Conservation and Environmental Groups

Massachusetts Conservation and Environmental Groups

Utah: SUWA and the Utah wild spaces

Wyoming Conservation Groups



The Access Fund – Dedicated to protecting access to climbing areas

The Sierra Club – Dedicated to saving wilderness and open spaces and more.

Surfrider Foundation – Save beach access! Water quality and mor


Individual Actions You Can Take

Combating Climate Change


Information that can help when you talk to your representatives or just want to learn things:

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