Pinnacles has been upgraded to a National Park!

Should you be south of San Jose, California, you have a new Pinnicles National - a great place to hike and climbopportunity to use your National Park Pass!  you spent your money, better get full use of it.

Pinnacles is a great place to hike or climb.  The climbing can feel a bit sketch, especially I found on the West side of the park.  It isn’t that bad, over the years I climbed there (probably 3 or 4 off and on) I only had one cobble cut loose on me and that was on a very obscure climb.

There are Talus Caves including Bear Gulch Cave which

“provides a home to a colony of Townsend’s big-eared bats as they rest there in winter and raise their young in the late spring and summer. Townsend’s big-eared bats are listed as a “sensitive species” by the state of California, and we are required to protect them. The colony in the Bear Gulch Cave is the largest maternity colony between San Francisco and Mexico.”

It gets super hot mid summer, so make sure you are carrying water.  For trail runners, go early in the morning if you are doing a big loop or multiple loops.

If you are camping there, don’t piss off the wild boars ( so far I have only seen them on the East side).  They look nasty, but still pretty cool.

On the West side of the park, you can stop on your way out at a very nice vineyard,Estancia. Very civilised after a hard day climbing, hiking or running!

Pinnicles - Lava falls

resembling a vertical river bed with cobbles in mud, Lava Falls is both scary and fun 5.9 climbing

How awesome is that?Pinnicles National Park

A great place to Hike, Climb and trail run.


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