80 years old, and still climbing

I know. It is harder to motivate, find time, get back in shape, get off the couch, lose the weight, ignore the projects you already ignore and people your age don't really do things like that anymore - or do they. Meet some 60-80 year old climbers who pull down hard.


Access Fund -protecting climbing access

The Access Fund With over 60% of climbing areas on public land and millions of more climbers every year, for those of us who climb access is a huge issue. The Access Fund is one of the main organizations nationally that is working to preserve access to climbing areas and public lands. Today, 1 in … Continue reading Access Fund -protecting climbing access

Carrying water/food on long runs – waist belt of pack?

How to stay hydrated on a longer trail run Back in my youth, I would just run until I dehydrated.  This seemed to work and meant I didn't have to carry anything. It also meant a couple of close calls with narrowing vision and raging thirst. I have been trying to figure out the best … Continue reading Carrying water/food on long runs – waist belt of pack?