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And check out Semi Rad. They are a celebration of all of us who will never be, and don't really strive to be the best in the world, but rather the people we want to be.


Get out of the house

Spring is here! Sure, it is raining and cold, but that is no excuse to stay sedentary. Think of this as the perfect training weather - too cold and damp for those sexy neighbors from the next block to see you start training. By the time they get out of the house, you will be in shape!

Training? Get a pedometer!

OutdoorGearLab Grants Awards for Top Performing Pedometers 1d ago OutdoorGearLab experts once again lead the way in testing nine of the best products available on the market today. If you're looking to count the number of steps you take daily or just motivate yourself to increase your physical activity, this review is for you. Testing … Continue reading Training? Get a pedometer!

Why Fascia Matters to All Of Us, but Particularly Us Geezers

I like to think I have a good working knowledge of how my body works, including a basic understanding of how everything works together.  Turns out, I need a fascia primer. For instance, while talking of how your fascia can get dehydrated (and drinking water alone is not going to take care of that), the … Continue reading Why Fascia Matters to All Of Us, but Particularly Us Geezers

Preparing the garden for winter

We are all getting ready for winter. Some of us are actually mulching the garden, pruning, preparing the soil for next year, harvesting the last fruits of our gardens and putting them up for eating in the darker days of winter. Those who do not have gardens are doing the same, either to our homes … Continue reading Preparing the garden for winter